Meet Catherine

Catherine Scott has been in criminal justice and public service for 28 years. Catherine works as an Investigator with the Montana Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigations. 

Currently, Catherine is pursing her PhD in Public Health.  Catherine has a Master's of Public Administration with emphasis in Public Management and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology. 


As a Certified Fraud Examiner, Catherine has assisted  victims of fraud to achieve resolution through the criminal justice system. Catherine has received training in Investigations, White Collar Crimes, Critical Incidents, Forensic Child Interviewing, and numerous other specialized courses.   

Catherine is a hunter and angler. Catherine enjoys  bowling, swimming, and ice skating. 




Catherine Scott is married with two children.  Catherine married Steve Scott in 1999.  Catherine's husband graduated from Helena High and Montana State University; her husband is now an Attorney in Helena, MT. Catherine's children are both enrolled in Helena Public Schools.