Campaign Platform


Public Health

Montana is ranked #1 in suicide rates in the nation. Individuals from ages 11 to 24 commit suicide in Montana at a rate three times higher than the national level. Suicides have actually increased since 2017. If elected Catherine Scott will push to re-implement the Suicide Mortality Review Board as well as increase funding to prevention and resiliency programs.

Government Transparency and Oversight

Having oversight and enforcement capabilities for government misappropriation of monies, failure to adhere to professional standards, and failure to perform duties is critical in ensuring that the public interest is upheld.  If elected Catherine Scott will push to ensure independent oversight boards are empowered to do their jobs to protect the public interest. 


Infrastructure is a central component in growing Montana's economy and keeping Montanan's healthy.  If elected Catherine Scott will push to protect our drinking water, to upgrade systems for waste water, to upgrade the aging main power control, to expand broadband, to develop public transport, and to maintain adequate roadways. 

Public Lands

If elected Catherine Scott will push to protect Montanan's right to access public land and to stand against any public land grabs by private interests.  Outdoor activists, hunters, and anglers should expect nothing less from their elected official.

Common Sense Gun Laws

If elected Catherine Scott will push for comprehensive background checks on the sale of firearms.  Catherine Scott will push for red flag laws designed to protect the public.

Economic Expansion

If elected Catherine Scott will push to expand Montana's workforce, to develop affordable housing, to promote family policies, to highlight Montana's cultural diversity, and to work with small businesses for growth and prosperity.